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Florida Power & Light Co contracted with German multinational Siemens AG to supply the utility with three next-generation H-Class gas turbines to modernize its Port Everglades natural gas-fired power plant in Florida.
The electrical utilities industry is a very mature industry. NextEra Energy in this article is taking advantage of external sources of change to have competitive advantage over competitors. In this case we can see how changing customer demand, changing fuel prices and above all keeping electrical bills low are the principal motivators for this company to build a new plant. Looking out for the future consumption and electrical needs for Floridians, NextEra Energy will build a plant that will provide that following benefits:
- $400 million in customer savings
- One third less fuel/megawatt hour
- Turbine technology with world record efficiency
- Cheaper electrical output
- More revenues
- Competitive advantage over competitors

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The electrical supply company is both highly competitive and highly regulated due to its natural oligopoly state. This means that companies like Florida Power and Light must find ways to increase their consumer base while not sacrificing quality. Florida Power and Light has found an effective way to do this, which is by contracting with efficient ...

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