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    Global Climate Change Emissions

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    What do you think are the prospects for reducing global climate-changing emissions? Be sure to address these points:

    To what extent can this be done without harming global economic welfare?
    What are the implications for demand-side economics of reducing climate-changing emissions?
    Why are some countries reluctant to adopt carbon emissions targets?

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    Step 1
    There are good prospects for reducing climate-changing emissions. This can be done without harming global economic welfare. Policy makers should not pass strong policies in times of economic hardship. Also, such decisions should not be taken that harm marginalized communities. Most important, fundamental economic and social changes should be undertaken to halt global climate change. Any initiative for reducing climate changing emissions should take into account economic mitigation potential. This takes into account social costs and benefits and social discount rates, assuming that market efficiency is increased by policies and measured and barriers are removed. The economic mitigation potential is usually greater than the market mitigation potential. There is economic potential for the mitigation of global greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades. Countries can ensure healthy economic development, improve energy security, and reduce climate risks through collaborative governance on economic, energy, and environmental goals. In several countries, targets for reducing coal and limiting greenhouse gas emissions can also help promoted technological innovations and improvements in resource productivity. The opinion is that there is no need to choose between fighting climate change and growing ...

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