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    Leidos Engineering Global Strategy

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    Leidos Engineering, to try and break into international energy engineering services in India, plans on marketing their engineering services in India, to generate new revenue potential for our energy engineering services department. This foray should offer immense opportunity for growth of the business unit, if they can somehow bypass the barriers to entry of business development in that country.

    Complete a plan for the following:
    Phase Three: Implementing the Global Marketing Plan
    1. Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets
    2. Designing a Global Distribution Strategy
    3. Planning a Global Promotion Strategy
    4. Selecting an International Pricing Strategy

    Phase Four: Controlling Global Business Activities
    1. Measuring International Business Success.

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    Step 1
    For the energy engineering service department there are several opportunities in India. The engineering service department of Leidos Engineering in India can provide the following services. It can provide consulting services related to feasibility studies, condition assessment, power master planning, and arc flash studies. It can provide project management services such as construction management, maintenance, and testing coordination. Leidos energy engineering services department can also provide testing and commissioning services such as commissioning, re-commissioning, thermographic scanning, power quality monitoring, and maintenance.

    There are services that Leidos energy engineering services department can provide in India. These are coping with aging infrastructure, supporting the increasing thrust on renewable energy resources, energy asset management, and risk management. The Leidos Engineering department must comply with Indian regulatory standards.

    The target market plan for Indian market is the large power companies both in the private sector and the public sector. If these companies are targeted successfully, there will be plenty of business for the energy engineering services of Leidos Engineering. In the private sector one of the fastest growing power companies is Adani Power. This company owns and operates the Mundra Thermal Power Station which is the largest thermal power plant in India. Another private sector company that can give business to Leidos is Tata Power. The largest target customer for Leidos Engineering is the government owned NTPC. Targeting these companies in India will give sufficient business to the energy engineering services department of Leidos Engineering.

    Step 2
    The distribution strategy in India will begin with the state of Gujarat. In the Kutch district some of the largest power plants are located. The Mundra Thermal Power Station, and the Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant are both located in the Kutch area of Gujarat. In addition, the distribution of energy engineering services should be made in the state of Madhya Pradesh where the Vidhyanchal Thermal Power Station is located. Located in Singrauli district of the state, Vidhyanchal is the seod largest thermal power station in ...

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