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    Key Elements when Implementing Systems on a Global Level

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    Based on Arnsparger and Linton (2009), implementing a system locally is fraught with difficulty. What are the key elements to review when actually trying to implement on a global level? What are the steps to be followed and how would you relate this information to your own business?

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    Globalization is a fundamental transformation in societies that is enabling individuals, corporations and states to influence actions around the world - faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before. For example, the industrial revolution of the 19th century, today's technological revolution is rapidly recombining economic and social forces worldwide. Additionally, manager's needs to take into consideration the following factors that help drive IT system globalization, including international trade, capital and investment activities, improvements in communication, internationalization of education and the transfer of information and managerial skills (Toakley, 2006).

    International sourcing strategy as a ...

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    The key elements when implementing systems on a global level are examined. The steps to be followed and how this information has related to business is determined.