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    How Firms Make Profits in Alternative Energy Industries

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    Business Models:
    In an APA styled and formatted paper; summarize how firms make profits in the Alternative Energy Industries (AEI). Based on your financial analysis (including margins), discuss which business models are the most profitable in the industry.

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    Firms profit from alternative energy sources in many ways. If they are producers the can reduce
    costs associated with producing energy after initial implementation of alternative sources and the
    systems require to utilize them. By developing and owning alternative sources, energy companies can
    generate more energy and reduce the overall cost, making energy to customers more competitively
    priced. First Energy Solutions in one company that is offering rates to customers that are much lower
    than those of standard providers throughout the Midwest (FirstEnergy Solutions, 2011). By taking
    advantage of various alternative sources like wind companies are able to supplement existing sources
    making power available to larger service areas. The greater the number of customers the higher the

    Another way companies profit is by ...

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