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    Wind energy as a mainstream energy source

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    Choose one alternative fuel (natural gas, electricity....) and describe in detail what will have to happen for it to become a significant energy supply source. Explain whether you believe this will happen. Analyse the promise and challenges associated with this supply source.

    Please, give references.

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    One of the most promising substitute for Oil and Gas as energy source is Wind Energy. It is an extremely eco-friendly source of alternative energy. If this becomes a significant energy supply source, the energy costs would significantly come down for various users such as industries, homes, etc. The reliance on traditional energy sources will go down as a result of this alternative energy source. Wind energy can play a major role in reducing pollution and mitigating impact of climate change. Wind power can be generated without ...

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    The solution discusses benefits and challenges of wind energy as an alternative energy source and conditions necessary for making it a mainstream energy source.