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Operations Research

Organizational Diagnostic Model

Which organizational diagnostic model would be best suited to an OD analysis of Mattel? Please be very thorough and specific.

Nike product changes

Read the case study, Nike, (attached) , and compose a persuasive 500-700 word essay that includes the following:  Describe ways that Nike could use at least two change techniques to improve effectiveness.  Based on the case study information, explain which stage in the organizational life cycle Nike is experiencing (and

Whole Foods analysis

I need help determining what the major challenges that Whole Foods faces in the coming year. What has been their nemesis in the past? What do their financial reports indicate for how they've performed in the last five years? I need help finding specific data to support any findings. Also, i need to know what organizational model

Measurement scale for each question in the survey developed

Write a 2-3 page paper discussing the measurement scale for each question in the survey developed in the Unit III assignment. (attached) Decide if you will use composite scale score or a summated scale score. Justify your decision. How will you measure reliability, validity, and sensitivity? Explain how you will deal with ethic

organizational technology, value, and strategy

compose a persuasive 600-700 word essay linking organizational technology, value, and strategy. You may use a real-life organization you have researched (or worked for) in order to illustrate your argument. Cite the textbook and at least one article using the CSU Online Library database to support your paper's main ideas. Use se

Basic experimental design for the proposal

lamase toy company from the past weeks Write a two-page paper describing a basic experimental design for the proposal. Design a basic experiment to assess a cause and effect relationship based on your research question. Include the following information: 1. Research the objective. 2. Explain if the design is a true experim

HR studies using statistical data

Search for 3 papers in your areas that you think contain statistical analysis. •What is the importance of statistical data analysis? •What are the appropriate published literature in my area of research? All I need is 2- 3 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (A

Walmart Pricing strategy

Pricing Strategy of Walmart Term Paper: The term paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length. Should include a title page and bibliography. Term Paper topic: Pricing Strategy of Walmart. has to be an original. The school uses turnitin.

Wal-Mart: Pricing Strategy

Term Paper: The term paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length. Should include a title page and biblography. Term Paper topic: Pricing Strategy of Walmart.

Lean Operations

All organizations, regardless of industry, can implement lean operations. In the organization where you currently work, an organization where you worked previously, or one with which you are familiar, describe an operation that you would consider NOT to be lean. In other words, describe a process that you would say has a lot of

Balancing Loop, Reinforcing Loop

Need help answering the question below. Balancing and Reinforcing Loop- Explain each one of these loops - what are the causal factors and how do they affect each other. For the Reinforcing Loop, look for an area where there is growth. For the Balancing Loop, look for goal behavior.

Sampling, Central Tendency, and Sampling

Need Some Help about, Academic Writing !! 1)Write briefly about sampling and various sampling types. ( Mostly about Academic writing). 2)Measure using a statistical tool, the central tendency of a sample data of your choice. 3)Test using a statistical tool the dispersion of a sample data of your choice. 4)Provide two

This problem calculates average queue size and waiting time.

ABC Airline has one reservation clerk on duty at a time. He handles information about flight schedules and makes reservations. All calls to ABC Airline are answered by an operator. If a caller requests information or reservations, the operator transfers the call to the reservations clerk. If the clerk is busy, the operator a

google technology research

google technology research Analyze these five Google technologies that are currently under research and development. Self-driving Automobile Home Automation Smart thermostat Google fiber Cancer approach or clean energy. Choose one. Analysis of Self-Driving Automobile (500-word description & analysis of impacts on

Google's new projects research

In addition to the self-driving automobile, find four other current Google technologies under research ? 2. Share one interesting finding about each of the five technologies you will be researching (your four chosen technologies plus the self-driving automobile). 3. Which of these technologies do you think has the great

Measurement Scales in Research

Write a report on different characteristics of scale types. •Explain Observation and Experimentation with help of an example. •What are different sources of secondary data information? •Write a note on different types of measurement scales. All I need is 2- 3 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to use academic referenc

Current Situation, Problem Statement, Research Objective

Using Exhibits 6.4 and 6.5 from Chapter 6 in your textbook as guidelines, respond to the following statements. You are not required to submit the responses, but use your answers as the foundation for the assignment listed below. 1. Identify a business decision situation that requires action in your organization. Be clear and s

Total Quality Management: Qatar Airways

Choose a large Middle Eastern organization that sells a product or multiple products. You can choose any Middle Eastern Organization. (how about Qatar Airways) First provide an overview of the company. Then, analyze that company and its products in terms of product and service quality, costs of quality, total quality manage

Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research Methods

Write a report about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods related to your area of study ( Most about Academic writing). All I need is 1- 2 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis.

Logistics Challenges

One of the biggest logistical challenges for supply chain management is the deterioration of infrastructure in cities across the US. I need help with research on this key logistics issue. I need help defining the problem, its scope, and provide some possible solutions. I need help identifying some assumptions about this issue an

Whole Foods Market..

Need some help with the below. Need references included as well. How does the Burke-Litwin Model help whole foods market with the issues they are facing with competition and pricing. how would they benefit from the use of this model.

Strengths and weakness of Organizational Diagnostic Models

I am having problems understanding the strengths and weakness of Organizational Diagnostic Models specifically 7S model, the Congruence Model, and the Burke-Litwin Model and defining how Whole Foods Market is defined through the OD models.

Research Project Outline

Prepare a simple research proposal related to your area outlining the main stages Selecting a topic (You Can Choose any topic) The purpose of the study Hypothesis, objectives, and research question Working title and project outline Timing Supervision Write as you go All I need is 2 pages, (Word Document) Be sure to

Outsourcing of Hospital Services

Read through the Case Study entitled "Outsourcing of Hospital Services" . It covers capacity planning in operations management. In a 3-4 pages paper, Explain your answers in (Word Document), answer the questions posed in the case study ( in the attachment). Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analy

Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC)

Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) from the attached paper. Identify in the EESC where each of the four modes of transportation are used: rail, inland water, ocean, and over the road trucking (OTR). Use topic headings for each mode. Identify the materials being transported from which industry to which industry. I

Issues associated with Academic Writing

Write a short report with proper citation about the following terms: •Concepts •Constructs •Definitions •Variables •Propositions •Hypotheses •Theory •Reasoning •Models In the above report give an example from your area of study. 2-3 pages only Also, write a one page report about the difference be

Inventory policy with uncertain demand and backorder

2) A paint shop implements an inventory policy on its stock of white paint, which costs the store $6 per can. Monthly demand for cans of white paint is normal with mean 28 and standard deviation 8. The replenishment lead time is 14 weeks. Excess demand is back-ordered, but costs $10 per back ordered can in labor and loss of g

Oral presentation

Prepare a presentation on Walmart, (PowerPoint Slides). 8 to 10 Slides is All I need. And then answer briefly in ( Word Document) in : •What are the different components of report? •Write briefly about oral presentation and its parts. Only in 1 - 2 pages is all I need, And do not forget to Cite references Tha