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    International Aspect of Business

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    Select an article published in January 2012 or later that deals with the international aspects of doing business.

    Must have all of the following parts:

    - Summary: It must provide the reader a very good idea of what the article is about, even without having read the article.
    -Thoughts About the Article

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    The article selected is "Multinational companies face tax avoidance EU crackdown" FEBRUARY 8, 2016 by: Jim Brunsden, retrieved from: https://www.ft.com/content/f1797650-ce7c-11e5-831d-09f7778e7377
    This is a Financial Times article:
    The European Commission is preparing draft rules that will make it mandatory for multinational companies to publish country-specific breakdown of profits and the taxes they pay. These rules are similar to those already in place for banking and extractive industry. This law is being made because of public and political objections in ...

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    An article related to international aspects of doing business is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.