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    Process Design Matrix Explanation

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    Complete the Process Design Matrix. (attached)

    Develop a Executive Summary in which you identify appropriate design approaches for the selected product and service used in the Process Design Matrix.

    Differentiate the service process and the manufacturing process. Explain the reasons for the differences.
    Explain how this can be applied to processes within your work or personal life and provide examples.

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    The appropriate process design for making plastic molded toys is Job Shop. In this process small batches of a variety of toys are made. For each design of toy there is a need for a unique set-up and sequencing of process steps. In case of molded toy making, the steps are designing, wood pattern making, mold making, plastic toy molding, and finishing. The appropriate process design for cable TV service provider is to receive orders or complaints from the call center. Solve elementary problems by the call center personnel. The ...

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