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AES Global Sourcing Initiative

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1. Consider the AES Global Sourcing Initiative from an overall perspective. How effective has the effort been to-date? Is AES applying a truly strategic approach?
2. How should the electric-meters team proceed?
a. What should be the key elements of their strategy?
b. Which suppliers hold the greatest promise for AES?
c. Should AES conduct a reverse auction with FreeMarkets?

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1. From the overall Global Sourcing initiative, AES has not been a truly strategic approach. Currently, it has asked for request for information and request for quotation from five new suppliers. What is required is a globally coordinated effort, active involvement and information from sites all over the world, advanced strategic sourcing training, and increasing the knowledge base. A strategic approach would have focused on quality testing, reliability, and track record of service. The current approach is ad hoc approach and is designed to gain small ...

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