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    Market Research Report for Performance Work Statements

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    Market Research Report

    56 Custom Credits.

    Read the IDEX Performance Work Statement (PWS). Conduct market research to determine an estimated price for the services identified in the PWS. You may use GSA's Federal Supply Schedules on GSA Advantage for pricing data. GSA is just an example of a source you may use to find pricing data. Students may use any sources available to gather cost data (See Market Research Guide attached to Week 1 Activities for Market Research Sources. If you use GSA as a source, go to www.gsa.gov (Links to an external site.) , click on GSA Advantage, use the search menu; select services in the drop down box where "products" appear; type "information technology services" in the search box. Hundreds of contractors' GSA Federal Schedules will appear with a variety of labor categories. Review three or more schedules and search for the same or similar labor categories in the IDEX Statement of Work. If you review three contractors and the following are their prices for a technical support manager: Lockheed Martin (Large Business) $100 per hour; IRT, Inc. (Small Business) $125 per hour; RBC, Inc. (Small Business) $150 per hour. You would add all three hourly rates $100+$125+$150=$375 divided by 3 = $125. Therefore, you may conclude the average cost for a technical support manager is $125 per hour. Multiply the $125X2000=$250,000. The estimated price for the technical support manager for the base year would be $250,000. You would calculate the remaining two labor categories the same to determine the estimated price for the base year and total all three to determine the total price for the base year. For the option years, you would add an inflation rate to the hourly rates and determine each hourly rate for the option years, multiply by 2000 and determine the cost for each labor category plus the total price for each option year. Develop an excel spreadsheet to capture this information. Part two of the Market Research assignment requires you to develop a Word document capturing actions taken to gather the market research data. See page 87 of the Market Research Guide for an example of the word document. The example is just that, an example, you may use any format you want for the word document. NOTE: YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH THE EXCEL SPREADSHEET AND THE WORD DOCUMENT TO COMPLETE THE MARKET RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT.

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    Pricing done in Excel workbook

    Position Hourly Rate
    Sentel Corporation
    (Large Business) Ecompex Inc.
    (Small Business) Global Solutions Group
    (Small Business) Average
    Technical Support Manager $102.75 $111.01 $109.90 (102.75+111.01+109.90)/3 =107.88 or $108
    Junior System Analyst $49.23 $79.92 $69.59 (49.23+79.92+69.59)
    =66.25 or $66
    Production Support Specialist $110.54 $140.60 $101.81 (110.54+140.60+101.81)/3
    =117.65 or $118

    Position Rate Hours Base Year Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Total Est. Cost
    Technical Support Manager $108 2000 $216,000 (108*3.5% *2000)
    =$223,560 $231,384 $239,482 $910,426
    Junior System ...

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