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JC Penney Company Analysis

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OL 501: Business Foundations
Corporate Report Analysis & Research Project

Worksheet D; Module Topic 6; Due Week 7
Refer to the corporate report for the company you have selected, and the research and assignments you have already concluded, to complete the following tasks.

1. How many shares of the corporation's stock are outstanding? 304.78 Million as of May 2014
a. What is the selling price of the stock? $9.63
b. Calculate the market cap of the corporation as of today's date. 2.935 Billion
c. How much of the stock is common stock and how much is preferred?
Issue Type Common Stock
52 Weeks High 15.53
Dividend Yield 8.53 %
P/E Ratio NE
Exchange NYSE
52 Weeks Low 4.9
Annual Dividend $ 0.80
Shares Outstanding 304,693,000

2. Who are the five largest shareholders?
a. What percentage of the market cap do they own?
b. Is there a commonality among the largest shareholders? Explain.

3. What is the total long-term debt obligation of the corporation?

a. To what purpose have these funds been allocated?
b. List any issues regarding the debt that you see in the summary chart or read from the management statements in the annual report.
c. Does it appear that the corporation is in full performance with the terms of each loan?
d. Does it appear that the corporation will be able to continue to meet its obligations under the terms of the loans? Explain.

4. Scan recent (within the last year) media articles about the corporation.
a. List any issues that may have impacted the price of the stock or the corporation's ability to secure debt financing in the last three years.
b. Summarize any senior management (CEO, CFO, etc.) response to the issues listed above.

5. Identify at least one other company in the same business as the corporation you have selected.
a. Name the company and list any similarities issues they are facing. (Refer to Worksheet A, #3.i., or identify another competitor.)
b. Considering the stock price and the three critical financial statements, which company performed better in 2012? Provide support for your opinion.

OL 501: Business Foundations
Corporate Report Analysis & Research Project

Worksheet E; Module Topic 7, 8 and 9; Due Week 9
Using financial reports and management statements from the current Annual Report, information from any additional filings, and additional information found through outside research, answer the following questions:

1. What percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) does the industry your firm represents comprise?

2. Make two lists indicating the micro-economic and the macro-economic factors that have had an impact on the firm's performance (revenue, expense, demand, etc.) in the current year:

Micro-economic factors Macro-economic factors

3. Considering all the factors you listed in the micro/macro-economic factors table in #2 above, please answer the following questions:

a. Which two factors have had the biggest impact? Explain your reasoning.
b. Do you anticipate that these factors will continue to have an impact in coming reporting periods? Explain your reasoning.

4. Were management actions, if any, have been taken to shore up any performance issues impacted by these factors?

a. What, if any, actions were taken?
b. How effective does the firm's response seem to be, and by what measure?
c. Recommend at least one additional response the firm could make.

5. What is your prediction for next year's performance, specifically in terms of the income statement, the balance sheet, and cash flow based on any continuing impact the market economic factors may have on the firm?

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