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    Annual reports

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    What are the contents of the annual report? What do the contents tell you about the company? Which section(s) in the annual report do you like the best? Why? Explain, be specific and give examples.

    What is the purpose of the annual report? Who reads the annual report? Is there too much or too little information provided? Why? Explain, be specific, and give examples.

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    Annual Report


    The annual report contains the various major contents, which reflect the vital or precise information i.e. yearly net sales, net income, financial data and analysis related to the various financial statements, track records, future objectives, etc. The major contents include the following:

    Ø Chairman Letter: It tells about the changing conditions, vision, mission, goals to be accomplished by the company, and activities executed to attain the target.

    Ø List of Directors: This content tells about the number of directors, their names, address and position.

    Ø Management Discussion and Analysis: This depicts the management discussion issues and steps taken by them. It tells about company's financial analysis of past trends and its impact on their performance.

    Ø Sales and Marketing: It tells about the company's product lines, market area, target market, marketing strategy, etc.

    Ø Subsidiaries, Brands and Addresses: It tells about the company's subsidiaries, brands names, distribution network, business lines, etc.

    Ø History of Stock price: Over the years, changes in its stock price and impact.

    Ø Financial Statements: The major financial statement i.e. Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of owner's equity ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 712 Words, APA References