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    Company is California Water Services Group Audit report.

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    Obtain a 10-k report and an annual report for a public company (this may be in electronic form and/or hard copy form). Be sure that the 10-k report and the annual report are for the same fiscal year. In either document, locate the auditor's report for the financial statements only. This is a one-page report that is generally found in front of the company's audited financial statements. Attach a copy of the auditor's report to a one-page, typewritten document, which details the following (Use corresponding headings.):
    a. Name of Company
    b. Industry of Company
    c. Primary Products or Services
    d. Indentify the "type" of audit report (e.g., unqualified, qualified, and so on).

    Note: "Many companies post their [10-k report and annual report] on their home pages, generally under a heading labeled 'investor relations'" (Messier et al., 2010, p. 29). One source for free annual reports is http://www.prars.com. A 10-k may be obtained from the EDGAR site, located at http://www.sec.gov/edgar.

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    Name of the Company:

    The name of the company is California Water Services Group (California, 2011).


    California Water Services is a company which is focused at offering water services in the United States of America. This means that it serves in an industry of service (California, 2011).

    Primary Products or Services:

    The primary thing that this service is focused on is providing water and wastewater through its subsidiaries that are regulated by the state and public utilities commission. In this case, the company operates in some states in the United States. Such places where the ...

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