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    Genentech Research Paper

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    Subject: Organizational Behavior

    Business to research: Genentech

    Website: http://www.gene.com/gene/index.jsp

    1. Develop an outline for your paper accordingly: provide a brief history of the company including their products and services and how they go to market. For example, what were their primary products in the beginning, and what are their primary products now? Note the number of employees the company has in its employ and research the employment "philosophy" that makes the company one of the top 100 company's to work for.

    2. Cite the company's success factor's and difficulty's via your research. Cite outside works that compliment or criticize the company's work ethic. Note any "unique" corporate governance methods that have influenced organizational behavior in this firm. (What has made them successful?) (Can also use professional journals)

    3. Provide a financial summary from the company's annual report, showing the most recent 3 years of their financial performance. Tie their financial performance indicator's to their employee incentive plans or other employee motivators.

    I found these on their website, these are the most current ones I can find:
    2008 annual report- http://www.gene.com/gene/about/ir/historical/annual-reports/2008/index.html
    2007 annual report- http://www.gene.com/gene/about/ir/historical/annual-reports/2007/index.html
    2006 annual report- http://www.gene.com/gene/about/ir/historical/annual-reports/2006/index.html

    4. Conclude the discussion with your opinion of how the company has succeeded to get ranked as one of the top company's in the world to work for. Did they enhance or destroy employee loyalty in their business operations? Discuss what they did right or wrong in their strategy to drive employees behavior.

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