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    South Korea: Managerial Behavior

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    Your company plans to establish MNE manufacturing operations in South Korea. You have been asked to conduct a cultural audit focusing on leadership behaviors of South Korea. The results of your report will be used for internal training for plant managers due to be reassigned to work with South Korean managers in a few months. You are aware of a high-collectivism culture with a Confucian code of ethical behavior in South Korea. What kinds of South Korean leadership behaviors would you expect to include in your report? Describe these in terms of interaction between the U.S. and Korean managers as well as interaction between Korean leader-followers.

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    There are several types of Korean leadership behaviors that I intend to include in the report. These include the behaviors of respect for hierarchy, treating the system as a closed system, and an age-ranking system. The leadership behaviors that I will include in my report will be those that support paternalism, collectivism, and a masculine dominant culture (a). ...

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