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    Trader Joe: organizational culture, employee motvation

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    Trader Joe's
    Read and reflect on the case study about Trader Joe's attached. Consider Joe Coulombe's approach to organizational design, and analyze the effects and applications of the various organizational structures and levels of authority. Given the benefits and motivations mentioned in the case study, share an analysis of Trader Joe's impact on employee motivation, morale, and organizational culture.

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    Joe Coulombe's approach to organizational design was to delegate authority to the salespeople and employees so that they can make decisions relating to individual customers without consulting their superiors. The employees were not compelled to follow strict operating rules. Instead, Joe Coulombe created a culture based on values and norms that encouraged providing excellent customer service and developing personal relationships with customers. What Joe Coulombe did was that along with delegating responsibility, he also delegated authority to his employees. He also created a store environment that made employees feel valued as people. The stores had Hawaiian ambience and also had tiki huts where employees provided customers with food and drink samples and interact with them. The objective of Joe Coulombe was to create values and norms that encourage personalized customer service.
    He created an organizational structure in which people were promoted ...

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