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Describe how you would manage these risks

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The incomplete paper is attached but based on the headings and the portions that are already completed, please assist by providing in 350 words, with in-text citation and reference(s), how the company would manage the listed risks. If the remaining information is required I have also attached another part of the paper that isnt quite formatted in APA format.

Please dont hold this up, if no one is able to provide the answer please let me know immediately, I already wasted 10 credits for someone else to tell me that he couldnt provide the solutions.

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The expert describes how to manage risks. The remaining information required is determined.

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Country Risk and Strategic Planning
The Alliance Traders board review of the team's report generates other concerns about doing business in Iraq. These concerns will include answering questions on the political and regulatory risks for companies conducting business in Iraq. The board would like to know if there are any exchange and reparation of funds risks to include in the company's exit strategy planning. Alliance Traders is just one of many companies competing in the oil trade business in Iraq so it is important to the board to know the competitive risks the company faces with its competitors. Another risk to consider is the taxation and double taxation risks involved when a foreign based company conducts business in another country. Considerations will be given to the market risks, distribution and supply chain risks, and the effects those will have on doing business. The report will also include an analysis of the physical and environmental challenges Alliance will face, entering and operating within the Iraqi borders, taking into consideration the social and cultural risks that comes with operating in a country that has more sectarian differences than it does ethnic based differences. The team will include in its report the best suggested methods in managing all the risks mentioned above and provide a summary of defining and clarifying the mission and the objectives of the Alliance Traders Corporation.

Political and Regulatory Risks

Exchange and Reparation of Funds Risks
Competitive Risk Assessment
Taxation and Double Taxation Risks
Market Risks
Distribution and Supply Chain Risks
Physical and Cultural Risks
How the Company Can Manage the Stated Risks
There are bound to be competitive risks that will face the organization has it aims to attain an excellent market entry in Iraq. It is imperative to state that the selected risk management techniques and strategies that will be used in Alliance Traders will be inline with the operations of the corporation. This will hence increase the client base of the corporation in the selected target market.
Exchange and Reparation of Funds Risks
One of the main risks experienced by the company is exchange and reparation of funds risks which occurs when the conversion of the currency has to be undertaken from the foreign currency to the currency of the nation. The alterations in the rates that are used in the conversion process threaten the profit margin of Alliance Traders. This will expose the company funds to foreign exchange risk. To counter this action that is present in the trading of the currencies, the organization can opt to centrally undertaken all their operations in the host nation and only conduct the currency exchange when the rates are able to make the value to the company to increase. Through this technique, the corporation will be able to gain from the currency exchange process (Foreign Exchange, 2012).
Competitive Risk Assessment
In the case where the organization has been faced with the great challenge of having a ...

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