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    The Worth of Qualitative Data Analysis

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    What would you say to a student who asserts: "Qualitative data analysis lacks the precision, rigor and trustworthiness of traditional statistical analysis!"? Please provide three (3) specific examples, and/or citations from outside sources, in support of your response.

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    My response is that qualitative data analysis is essential in several fields. Is rigorous as several qualitative studies show and is trustworthy if conducted by honest people. If quantitative data analysis is done by dishonest people its results would be untrustworthy, lack rigor, and would be miles off the mark.

    Qualitative data analysis if done by trustworthy people can reveal information that quantitative methods cannot. Data from complex phenomenon, data from a few number of cases in depth, and data based on participants own categories can only be qualitatively analyzed. Further, data from human ...

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