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    Operations Research

    Advantages of Cultural Knowledge in Sales

    1. What is the relationship of a cultural lens to a global mindset? Do they support each other or are they mutually exclusive? Does one guarantee the other? Why or why not? 2. How do Wunderle's points about using a cultural lens to gain military advantage apply to gaining a competitive business advantage? Specify at least thr

    Walmart: Globalization

    Which is the most important lesson of Walmart's global expansion up until 2007? Why? How might one increase Walmart's wins and curtail its losses in its efforts to expand globally up until 2007?

    Operational Definitions and Constructs

    When using a construct or operational definition, how can we be sure that the construct or definition is equivalent to the original concept under study? What ideas do you have to ensure they match?

    4PLs "virtual" Logistics Service Providers, Dell

    The Session Long Project (SLP) requires writing an essay on a contemporary logistics topic facing your organization. As noted in the instructions for the Module 1 SLP page, the SLP consists of two activities: (1) an assessment phase that describes how the module topic applies to your Case study organization's logistics operation

    Layout Design Understanding

    1. An initial solution has been given to the following work center layout problem. Given the flows described and a cost of $2.00 per unit per foot, compute the total cost for the layout. Each location is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide as shown in the following figure. Use the centers of departments for distances and measure dist

    Global Mindset in the Global Marketplace

    Hello I need help developing a global mindset on the ford motor organization by developing an executive briefing for senior management in which the influence of the global mindset on the organization is reviewed. The executive briefing must: *Analyze why a global mindset is necessary to do business in the global marketplac

    Cost - Benefit Analysis

    I need an analysis on cost benefit analysis and how cities can use cost benefit analysis to accurately predict the value of a project. Thank you so much, John

    Secrets of Success in Service Operations Management

    Make an arrangement to talk to someone whose leadership style you admire. Discover the secrets of their success? Ask about their: Background of the company/business Problems encountered and how they managed to solve it Secrets of their success

    Major Bill Bligh - Army War College

    Major Bill Bligh, director of the Army War College's new 6-month attaché training program, is concerned about how the 20 officers taking the course spend their precious time while in his charge. Major Bligh recognizes that there are 168 hours per week and thinks that his students have been using them rather inefficiently. Blig

    Capacity Utilization Rate Calculations and Demand Planning

    1. A manufacturing Shop is designed to operate most efficiently at an output of 550 units per day. In the past month the plant produced 490 units. What was its capacity utiization rate last month? 2. A company has a factory that is designed so that it is most efficient (average unit cost is minimized) when pr

    Operations Management - Productivity

    5 questions in excel on total production. Show associated cell computations, and formulas please. Please complete in excel. Some analysis questions on the outcome of total production calculation.

    Employee Motivation Theories

    Although it may seem fairly obvious that receiving praise and recognition from one's company is a motivating experience, it is sad that many companies are failing miserably when it comes to saying thanks to their employees. According to Curt Coffman, global practice leader at Gallup, 71 percent of US workers are "disengaged," es

    Operations Management Chapter 8 Q 6

    A company that produces pleasure boats has decided to expand one of its lines. Current facilities are insufficient to handle the increased workload, so the company is considering three alternatives. A (new location), B (subcontract), and C (expand existing facilities). Alternative A would involve substantial fixed costs but r

    Diversity and Cross-Cultural Communication

    What is workforce diversity and what are some of the challenges that is poses for managers? Please focus specifically on issues of cross-cultural communication and how they may be addressed.

    Missions and objectives

    Visit the websites for the following organizations. Merck Boeing Rolls-Royce ExxonMobil Based on your review of the companies' posted mission and strategic goals, what types of projects would you expect them to pursue? If you worked for one of these firms and sought to maintain strategic alignment with their project por

    Threats to validity in a research study

    Hello, based on the attached paper, I need help elaborating: 1. Validity:Internal Validity:External 2. Data Analysis: Identifying the data analyses performed And the data analyses technique selection appropriateness to design.

    Linear Programing Modeling

    Dr. Maureen Becker, the head administrator at Jefferson County Regional Hospital, must determine a schedule for nurses to make sure there are enough nurses on duty throughout the day. During the day, the demand for nurses varies. Maureen has broken the day into 12 two-hour periods. The slowest time of the day encompasses the thr

    Smartphones in Business and Enterprise

    Smartphones have innovative user interfaces and applications; and significant processing power and storage capacity. And most owners would not ever be without their mobiles. Given those factors, consider a company that you buy products or services from that could benefit using 2D tags. This massive adoption of smart devices h

    Marginal cost & benefit

    1-The only choice variable is x. The total benefit function is B(x) = 100x - 2x2, and the total cost function is C(x) = 1/3 x3 - 6x2 + 52x + 80. a-What are the marginal benefit and marginal cost functions? b-Set up the net benefit function and then determine the level of x that maximizes net benefit. (Use the positive value

    Disputed Hourly Pay Rule and General Motors 1998 strike

    In an effort to save its shrinking rank and file, the UAW began a two-month-long strike against General Motors. At issue was GM's desire to eliminate its "pegged rate" pay system and cut its North American work force by about 40,000 jobs over four years. GM's pegged rate pay system allows plant workers who meet a daily quota in

    Redlands Air Budgeting

    Redlands Air, Inc charges $75 per hour for flight instruction. The company has $25,000 of annual fixed admininistrative costs, and pays $15,000 rental expense to Inland Empire Airport each year. Redlands incurs a $20,000 annual insurance premium to insure its aircraft and facilities. In addition, the company gathers the foll

    Research Design Outline

    Create and submit the Time Schedule for the proposed research and resources needed, as well as additional personnel, budget details, the consent forms, and the questions used for the surveys/questionnaires/interviews. The questions and possible responses must support the research objectives and the hypothesis. - Time Schedul

    Effects of Downsizing the US Military

    Can anyone find me an interesting article or two on where the US Military will be downsizing troops: officers, enlisted, etc? Please answer the following questions: By what time frame will the downsizing be done? How will this effect the economy and those families? What troops will go?

    Supply Chain Management at CliffBar

    From the beginning, CLIF BARs were made from wholesome ingredients. Yet as Erickson looked at the ingredients being sourced for CLIF BAR, he realized that making a healthy food product and sourcing ingredients from farmers, ranchers and cooperatives using organic growing techniques was a "natural" fit. The company made a commitm

    Indigenous People and Assimilation

    Please help answer the following problem: What is an issue indigenous people face regarding assimilation? Describe this issue and any effort made to mitigate it. How effective were these efforts? If they were not effective, what could have been done differently? For ideas, consider researching the White House Tribal Nations C

    Costs of Home Care vs. Facility Care for Seniors

    Complete this statement, "The purpose of this study is...home healthcare benefits for the elderly" and then follow up with a relevant and testable research questions. The Purpose of the Study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in home healthcare (example of using a purpose statement). The research questi

    Research Questions for Conducting Surveys

    Please help constructing a telephone, or in-person interview survey in home healthcare! The survey should have 10-15 questions accompanied by a brief background of the problem, trying to measure survey with 8-10 questions, 2-3 demographic questions, 1 open ended question, and 5-6 (multiple choice, multiple response or Likert