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Pilot Testing Procedures and Preparations

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Please locate and share an example of a qualitative research study where you believe the pilot testing procedure(s) were either missing or could have been improved in some way(s). Please also share how you would have conducted or improved the pilot-test procedures of the source that you choose to share.

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Pilot testing means finding out if your survey, key informant interview guide or observation form will work in the "real world" by trying it out first on a few people. This is to make sure that the subjects or the respondents, based on the sample, understand the questions, and that all of them have a common understanding of the instruments and the study itself. The purpose is likewise to make the subjects of the study comfortable so that the researcher can work in a natural setting and that the realities will be captured.

To make pilot test successful, the data collectors should be trained. In this way, they would know how to administer the questionnaires and other forms on instrument. In the case of a qualitative research, the data collectors will not have biases and that quality and real data will be collected. To come up with quality pilot test, both the instrument to be used ...

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This report provides a basic description of pilot testing - its nature, its importance, and some preparations to be made. It was emphasized that pilot test testing is intended to determine whether the planned research procedure and instruments will work in the real world. It was noted further that data collectors must be trained and that representative sample of the sub-groups must be involved in the pilot test.