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Pilot Testing, Proposal Solicitation, Ethics and Hypothesis

"Argument" the problems of trading off exploration and pilot testing under tight budgetary constraints. What are the immediate and long-term effects?

What, if any, are the differences between solicited and unsolicited proposals?

Explain what you think understanding of the role that ethics plays in doing business.

What is a hypothesis?

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1) Under tight budget constraints, there might be more of a trend towards cutting down costs such as research and development, advertising and training. In some cases it would be alright not to continuously train employees such as those who work in retail, at desk jobs... however, in some industries it is imperative to upkeep testing and training. In the case of the pilot, it is imperative that they keep up with their skills, are sharp on top of all situations, are familiar with new technologies, equipment... These precautions are not made to make more profit, but to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew when they step on an plane. The trade off might be that airlines save some money, however, they ...

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This solution explores the long-term effects of pilot testing under a tight budget, compares solicited and unsolicited proposals, explains how ethics are integral to business and defines a hypothesis.