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    medical Ethics & gene testing

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    Please guide me with my homework:

    I will be given a scenario which has ethical implications. I will need to analyze the scenario and identify who the effected parties are in the scenario and what the possible effects or outcomes, the question is:

    Ethics of Gene testing: Summative assessment
    Read the following scenario and analyse the ethical issues. 1.5 pages-2.0 pages)

    Grace is 41 years old. She is a pilot for a small regional airline that runs flights over remote areas in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Grace is a sole parent of two children, aged 7 and 10.She has undergone genetic testing because of a family history of sudden deaths caused by heart attacks. A gene variant that predisposes to this has recently been identified and Grace has been found to have this mutation. On advice from her doctor, Grace has modified her lifestyle, but she still has a significantly higher risk of suffering a major heart attack. She currently has no symptoms of heart disease.

    Adapted from "Flying High". geneCRC "gene Issues Medical Miracles, Ethical dilemmas CD". 2003

    Four basic principles are commonly applied by the medical profession in ethical dilemmas. These can provide a useful framework for analyzing the issues surrounding genetics:
    1. Benefits
    A duty to do more good than harm. (Benefits can be physical, psychological, economic or social)Ask yourself

    Who will benefit from this technology and in what way?
    2. Minimising harm
    The duty not to cause harm (Harms can also be physical, psychological, economic or social)
    Ask yourself:

    Who might be harmed by this technology and how can this be minimised?
    3. Respect
    Respect for an individual's right to be their own person and choose their own source of action.
    This involves privacy, informed consent and confidentiality (genetic information is sensitive and access should be limited to those authorised to receive it).
    Ask yourself:
    Are the individual rights of all individuals considered and respected?
    4. Fairness
    Fair, equitable and appropriate treatment for all.
    Ask yourself:

    Are the interests of all in the community considered and potential discrimination prevented?

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    The solution below should get you started. Having reviewed this problem for you, it is pretty straightforward. I have given you insight on the questions asked of you based on the scenario. If you have any questions, just let me know. Also, be sure to use your current class materials so as to check with the ethical theories in there and apply it in your final ethical review paper. Good luck.

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    Ethical Scenario Review

    The scenario tells of Grace, a bush pilot and mother of 2 young children. She is the sole parent and her job allows her to provide for them. The issue is that Grace has a very unique genetic mutation that predisposes her to have a heart attack or to be subject to a heart attack at any given moment resulting to sudden deaths. Hers is a genetic mutation that, despite the lack of symptoms, can result to her heart being subject the risk of an attack. Being a bush pilot flying for a small airline in remote areas of Southern and part of the Northern territory of Australia, she is responsible for the craft but most of all, for the safety and the lives of her passengers. The issue then is this - should Grace be removed from her post given that she is predisposed to 'sudden death' or should she be allowed to stay and practice her profession given that she is the sole provider of 2 children and removing her from her post is discriminating against her 'medically' despite the fact that she displays no ...

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