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    DNA etc.

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    Discuss one agricultural and one medical application of biotechnology.

    Describe how the technique of gene therapy might help someone with an inherited genetic disease.

    Discuss some of the bioethical concerns related to screening for genetic diseases.

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    Genetically modified crops have large benefits...
    a)Lower production cost - Since less crops are infested with disease, the overall price of production will decrease.
    b)Higher yeild - by protecting the plant from certain pests, GE crops can prevent yield losses compared with non-GE hybrids, particularly when infestation of susceptible pests occurs
    c)reduced peticide use - GE treated crops can be altered such that they become less resistent to disease, thus the farmer needs to use less peticides,

    Medical application
    Biotechnology is a major growth area in medicine. Over 100 medical substances are now derived from biotechnological processes, including human insulin, hematopoietic growth factor, interferons, a number of monoclonal antibodies, tissue plasminogen activator, and vaccines for hepatitis B and Lyme disease. ...