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    Two functions of DNA

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    Word paper that describes two functions of DNA and explains how DNA's structure allows it to fulfill these functions. Include the following in your answer:

    o Structure of a nucleotide
    o Base-pair rules
    o Process of replication, including enzyme function
    o RNA structure
    o Process of transcription
    o Translation
    o Codons and anticodons

    ? Explain how knowledge of DNA and technology is being used today to do things that we could not have done 50 years ago. Address how control of gene expression affects biotechnology.

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    Two functions of DNA: Self replication capacity and prodution of mRNA for protien synthesis.
    Structure of Nucleotide: Consists of pentose sugar,phosphate and any of the five nitrogenous base (purines or pyrimidines)
    Base pair rule: Adenine combines with Thymine in DNA
    Adenine combines with Uracil in RNA
    Guanine combines with Cytosine in DNA or RNA
    Process of replication including enzyme action: The process occurs during synthetic phase of cell cycle. The process is semi- ...

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    Two functions of DNA are suggested.