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Carbohydrate Importance in RNA & DNA

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How are carbohydrates important in RNA and DNA? How do they function as part of DNA and RNA? What's their importance in construction of the body's organs and nerve cells? What is their function in the body's organs and nerve cells? Do you know of any other functions?

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Carbohydrates are important in RNA and DNA because they act as binding molecules for DNA and RNA replication. Many agents, including anticancer drugs, use sugar moieties to increase their affinity and selectivity for the nucleic acid. One of the most important representatives of this class is the enediyne calicheamicin. It contains two "domains": the enediyne portion, which, on reductive activation, is responsible for DNA cleavage, and the aryltetrasaccharide tail, which anchors the whole molecule to the DNA minor groove. Although the reactive part of calicheamicin can play a role in ...

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