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    Viral Replication - Six Events

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    List the six events that occur in viral replication. For each event, include a paragraph describing what occurs during that particular stage.

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    There are six events involved in viral replication:

    1. Adsorption
    The first step in infection of a cell is attachment to the cell surface. Attachment is via ionic interactions which are temperature-independent. The viral attachment protein recognizes specific receptors, which may be protein, carbohydrate or lipid, on the outside of the cell. Cells without the appropriate receptors are not susceptible to the virus.

    2. Penetration
    The virus enters the cell in a variety of ways according to the type of virus (Enveloped or Non-Enveloped).

    Enveloped Viruses
    A) Entry by fusing with the plasma membrane. Some enveloped viruses fuse directly with the plasma membrane. Thus, the internal components of the virion are immediately delivered to the cytoplasm ...

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