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lambda phage genome insertion

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Integration of the lambda phage genome into the E. Coli chromosome involves:
A Staggered cleavage of viral DNA, formation of a blunt-ended double strand break in the bacterial DNA, joining of the ends of the two DNA molecules, gap filling by DNA polymerase, and ligation of the last phosphodiester bond.
B Staggered cleavage of the viral and the bacterial DNAs, exchange of ends to generate a short heteroduplex region, and resealing.
C Double strand cleavage of the cellular DNA target site, followed by double-strand break repair, using the viral DNA as the donor.
D blunt-ended double-strand breakage in both DNAs, followed by rejoining with no heteroduplex formation.
E Double-strand cleavage of cellular DNA, annealing of a 3'-end in cellular DNA to a site in the viral DNA, replication across the viral genome, followed by another strand cleavage, and ligation of the last phosphodiester bond.

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This solution answers a multiple choice question about the details of the insertion of lambda phage into the bacterial genome.

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