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    Phage Titers Lysates

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    How do you prepare lysates that give high titers for virulent phage?

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    I cannot understand what exactly you are asking for. May be this could help.
    <br>Viruses for microorganisms are called phages. Those for bacteria are bacteriophages. A virus can be thought of as genetic elements within a protein coating. When injected into a cell, this genetic material may alter the host so that its energy and metabolism are directed entirely toward making more virus particles, and ultimately the cell will die. Some phages are always actively seeking cells in which to reproduce. Other phages can attach to the bacterial chromosome and remain passive for a long time. Active phages are called virulent. Those that can be passive are called temperate or lysogenic; they may become virulent if the system is shocked by an event such as a temperature or pH change, but some host cells survive and continue to multiply. When not in their virulent ...

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    The expert determines how to prepare lysates that give high titers for virulent phages.