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Impact of Environment and Experience on Gene Expression

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How does the environment and experience impact gene expression. Why possessing a gene might make one vulnerable to disease does not necessarily result in developing the disease.What are two ethical considerations when using genetic screening for medical and psychological disorders

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The impact of environments and experiences on gene expressions are provided.

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There are certain genes which are always expressed, others which are only expressed in the presence of other genes and other genes which are stimulated to be expressed by environmental conditions. The changes in genetic expression of genes which are regulated by environmental cues is known as epigenetics.

For example, on a cellular basis, genes are stimulated to be expressed (or in contrast, inhibited from expression) all the time based on environmental cues which guide whether or not their coded processes are required for the cell at that time. In the developing nervous system, proteins called neurotrophins help guide axons from neurons towards their intended targets. Without them, axons generally get lost and travel in all sorts of directions. These neurotrophins bind to receptors on a neuron, which send signals to the cell's nucleus to stimulate it to unravel certain parts of its ...

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