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    The Future of Toxicogenomics

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    How will toxicogenomics, which is the analysis of the effects of toxic chemicals on genes (for example, gene mutations or changes in gene expression), be influential in the next decade? Please provide details and specific examples.

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    Toxicogenomics will prove to be extremely valuable as a research tool in the next decade due to its endeavor to find and pinpoint molecular mechanisms that have occurred in the presence of toxicity, and to analyze molecular expression patterns (also known as molecular biomarkers) that predict toxicity to an organism's system or the organism's genetic susceptibility to it. Toxicogenomics is a multifaceted process which includes the study of inter-individual distinctions in whole-genome or candidate gene single-nucleotide polymorphism maps, haplotype markers, and alterations in gene expression that might show a relationship with response to certain ...

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    This solution explains why toxicogenomics will become an important scientific research field. It includes an analysis of the predictive uses of this mode of study and it's many practical applications, particularly in informing environmental policy and healthcare.