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Human Resource Development for Pilot Program

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The authors discuss the pilot program related to training. What happens in the Pilot program? Also, include in your discussion the elements of Figure 8-3 (PHOTO 18), which deals with factors that influence the transfer of training. Does your organization use a pilot program in the training process and is this effective within your organization? Please take a look at the other attachment, concerning pilot programs, as well.

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A pilot program is one in which carefully chosen trainees are trained in a well-planned program to evaluate and refine training. Trainees are chosen based upon their agreeable attitudes, since the organizers are interested in supportive feedback. At the same time, the intention of the pilot program is to identify any issues that might arise during training. This includes the timing, presentation of material, and other training components. A pilot program takes this group through the training program, incorporating their feedback and responses into the program and training manual. An additional use of pilot programs is for trainers to understand the training process. Once input is made, if new materials or activities are added, an additional dry run occurs. After this has been deemed successful, another pilot program runs to ensure the feedback has been ...

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This solution explains what happens in a Pilot program, and the elements that influence the transfer of training. It gives an evaluation of the effectiveness of training in an organization. APA reference is included.

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