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    Conflict Resolution: Human Resource Planning and Evaluation

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    Select the scenario below and develop a conflict resolution procedure.

    Scenario: Your school has been asked to participate in a pilot program within your district that is dealing with facility efficiencies. Participation in the program will require your school to begin and end operations 1 hour later than the standard within your community. Your principal has agreed to become part of the pilot program. During the first week of school, it is clear that there are many conflict issues that are surfacing. One issue of major concern to the school is the complaints coming from parents and students regarding late bus rides and the late nights completing homework. During class and in the hallways, students are overhearing complaints and reactions from the teachers about the new schedule. Your principal knows that you have been focusing on conflict management and conflict resolution in your course work and has asked you to develop a conflict resolution procedure to address this and similar problems.

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    The caveat to establishing conflict management and resolution is to understand the concerns and interests of both sides of the conflict. Therefore, in the current scenario the first and most important step is for me to set-up a conference meeting between parents, staff, and administration to allow all parties to express their ideas on the current pilot program. This is necessary because without debate, discussion, and effective communication between all parties affected their will be no dialogue and bickering will ...

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