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Operations Research

Annual Productivity Plan

***SCENARIO*** COMPANY EMAIL FROM: George Washburn SUBJECT: Annual Productivity Plan The Plasit-brack product line is an important part of our business and with your qualifications, I am looking for some good things to happen with these products. I am announcing the annual productivity plan and goal, which is for

Chinese Consumer Expectations

Read the following article and write an analysis focusing on the question below: - McEwen, W., Xiaoguang F., Zhang, C., & Burkholder, R. (2006). Inside the mind of the Chinese consumer. Harvard Business Review 84(3). (AN 19707486) Consider the wide range of Chinese consumer expectations along with the three areas addressed

Understanding a competitive environment and customer differentiation

Respond to one question only. Provide rationale and examples to support your answers. 1. The competitive environment is often overlooked as a component of marketing research. In what way does knowledge of the competitive environment contribute to a more complete understanding of multinational and global market research? 2. D

Operation and Improvement

Hi I want more explanation about this process. I am inviting company to improve my business operation improvement process. As the vendor is providing following things..... What Can I ask for improving my business and What kind of questions I can ask in terms of operation and improvement? Identify value drivers for opera

Types of costs in an inventory system

Identify and explain the types of costs that are involved in an inventory system, in regards to operations management. Concepts covered include shrinkage, processing and distribution. Please provide 200 or more words, please. Include references in APA format.

Minimizing Labor Costs

A Steak House operates with 2 full time employees who work 8 hours per day plus a number of part-time employees who work 2 or 3 hour shifts during peak meal times. Management wants to develop a schedule for part time employees that will minimize labor costs and still provide customer service. The steak house is open from 11:00am

Case Study - Akamai Technologies: When Demand Exceeds Capacity

See the attached file. 1. Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customers' Web content? 2. If you wanted to deliver software content over the Internet, would you sign up for Akamai's service? Why or why not? 3. What advantages does an advertiser derive from using Akamai's service? What k

Quantitative and qualitative analysis:

Hello, In the Howard Raiffa article on Decision Analysis, I am having trouble deciphering the perspective on one man's intellectual journey through the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis to assist decision makers with their decisions.... Where do we go from here with Operations Research and Management Science??

Disasters and Rising Costs of Living

When disasters hit an area, the cost of everything seems to go up immediately: food, water, housing, gas and so forth. Explain why this phenomenon may actually be a good thing, using the laws of supply and demand to explain your answer.

Primary Qualitative Research

Please review a interview questionnaire based on the situation analysis, SWOT analysis and the specific charge in a marketing plan for Samsung. The goal is to develop the questions that will promote awareness of the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet Mini (The Charge) that they want to introduce and to encourage purchase intention.

Technology & Sustainability Issues: Anglo-American Case Study

1. This case was written as a promotional piece to specifically show Anglo American in a favorable light. Conduct a research of the company for an objective view and summarize here. 2. Evaluate how technology, product, and process developments enable a large company like Anglo American to be sustainable, or not. 3. Human r

Technology and Innovation Management Research

This activity requires you to write a Research Paper on a subject of your choice within Technology and Innovation Management. Example topics include:( Please Choose One Topic) 1. Delivering Value with IT 2. Creating and Evolving a Technology Roadmap 3. Delivering IT Functions: a Decision Framework 4. Information Delivery: I

Business Research and Methodology

1) How are Hypothesis Development and Theoretical Framework used in Healthcare? 2) How does the Measurement of Variables (Operation Definition) play a role in the Healthcare Field.

Modern Postcard Analysis

"In the Spotlight" mini-case study on Modern Postcard, visit their website for more information on the company: www.modernpostcard.com/ Then, respond to the following questions: 1. How does the company produce beautifully designed postcards so affordable? 2. How has Modern Postcard managed their operations and assets so effec

The Operating Cycle and Merchandising Operations

See attached file for better view. Merchandising Income Statement: Missing Data, Multiple Years E 12. Determine the missing data for each letter in the following three income statements for Sampson Paper Company (in thousands): 2011 2010 2009 Sales $ p $ h $572 Sales returns and allowances 48 38 a Net sales q 634 b Mer

Solve the given linear programming problems.

1) The linear program Max 3X1 + 2X2 is solved subject to the constraints i) X1 + X2 =<10 ii) 3X1 + X2 =< 24 iii) X1 + 2X2 =< 16 and iv) non-negativity for both X1 and X2. Which of the following statements is true? A.The optimal solution occurs at (4, 6). B.The optimal solution value is 27. C.The optimal solution occurs a

Computer Production Planning via Linear Programming

A laptop manufacturer is developing a production schedule for the next four quarters. Demands for this manufacturer's laptop computer are forecasted to be 1200 in quarter 1; 2100 in quarter 2; 1500 in quarter in 3; and 600 in quarter 4. Assume that it costs this manufacturer $1200 to produce each laptop computer. At the end of e

Formulate and solve an appropriate integer programming model

In preparing for a two-week camping vacation, a family must decide how many of each of six items should be loaded into their sport-utility vehicle. The weight and perceived benefit (Where a larger benefit value indicates a more useful item) of each of the items are given in the attached file. The family's vehicle can safely carr

Value Topics Inc,: Decision Making Models Memo

Scenario: For the past 5 years, you have been working as an Account Manager for a company named Value Topics Inc. Value Topics Inc., which is a medium-sized men's apparel manufacturer, has recently expanded their business services by implementing a new product line of men's business suits. Because of the expansion, your compa

Shouldice Hospital - A Cut Above

From: Case: Shouldice Hospital - A Cut Above. pages 87-88. Section 2. Manufacturing, Service, and Health Care Processes. 1. How well is the hospital currently utilizing its beds? 2. Develop a similar table to show the effects of adding operations on Saturday. (Assume that 30 operations would still be performed each day.)

Linear Programming Problem for an Optimal Solution

Simple model formation. Using the attached document, formulate the linear programming model for the school. A company has three teachers. On a particular day, six classes are scheduled to be completed. A class does not need more than one teacher. The cost for each teacher to do each class is shown in the attached document.

Transshipment Linear Programming Problem

Formulate and solve a linear programming problem. A farm company in Texas has three farms that produce grain at capacities of 93, 88 and 95 thousand barrels of grain per day respectively. The company also owns five storage buildings along the Gulf Coast, all of which have been operating at stable demand levels. Further detail

Linear Programming: Model Formulations and Graphical Solutions

1.Universal Claims Processors processes insurance claims for large national insurance companies. , Most claim processing is done by a large pool of computer operators, some of whom are permanent and some of whom are temporary. A permanent operator can process 16 claims per day, whereas a temporary operator can process 12 per day

Walmart, IBM, Citigroup, Exxon Mobil and TATA Motors

For each company, please answer the following by researching the company: Please be comprehensive and provide sources. APA format. Don't use websites as sole sources (Note- One company, one question). 1. Wamart- Give an overall description of the company's history to this day. How did it evolve to be the organization it is

Linear Programming using Excel Solver and a Sensitivity Report

1) An auto parts manufacturer produces three different parts: Model A, Model B, and Model C. Model A requires 50 pounds of special alloy steel per unit, 130 minutes of machining time per unit, and 60 minutes of assembly time per unit. Model B requires 25 pounds of special alloy steel per unit, 100 minutes of machining time per

A clear description of the various research methods that include : quantitative, qualitative, mixed-type, and action research. the solution started with an overview of the four methods, followed by a characterization of each, highlighting the differences and the possible types of investigation in which each method is best suited.

Research projects are conducted with various methodologies. Explain the following research methods: - Qualitative - Quantitative - Mixed - Action The presentation should have the following 2 sections: Part 1: Overview of the 4 methods - Outline the key characteristics of each research method - Explain the di

Linear Programming - Fairwind corp

a) Create an Excel worksheet that solves this problem with Solver. The Fairwinds Development Corporation is considering taking part in one or more of three different development projects A, B, and C that are about to be launched. Each project requires a significant investment over the next few years and then would be sold u

Cost-Benefit Trade-Off (Linear Programming).

Consider a cost-benefit-trade-off problem having the following data: Benefit Contribution Per Unit of Each Activity Minimum Acceptable Benefit 1 2 Level 1 5 3 60 2 2 2 30 3 7 9 126 Unit Cost $60 $50 a. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem on a spreadsheet. b. Use Solver to find the op