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Operations Research

Identify databases of public records to investigate

Research and locate the business information of an energy company. The investigation team has assigned to you the task of identifying databases that are repository of public records, and that may be used for investigating the following: Comparing employee earnings with national averages Comparing company revenues and expendi

Linear and Integer Programming

attached Buff Systems is a small company that produces three products daily: (1) CD players, (2) cell phone, and (3) camcorders. The company has a limited amount of resources used in the production of these products. The limited resources are labor, machine hours, and inventory space allocated to all products. Buff has

Linear Programming Manufacturing Plans

Davis instruments has two manufacturing plants located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since product demand varies considerably from month to month, Davis is interested in developing an optimal workforce schedule. Recently Davis started hiring temporary workers supplied by Workforce Unlimited, a company that specializes in providing temp

Difference in direct and indirect transaction

What is the difference between a direct intercompany transactrion and an indirect intercompany transaction? How does the difference effect reporting them on a consolidasted statement?

Situation in which business research IS needed

Describe a situation in which business research is NOT needed and one in which business research IS needed. Discuss the factors which differentiate the two situations. For the situation in which business research IS needed, will the research be basic/pure research or applied research, explain why? In your own words describe

Discussing Research Process

A company is considering creating and selling a new soda. Create a report explaining the research process that should be used by the company to make this decision. Your report should answer the following questions: What is the research question? What is the proposed research? How would you design the research project? W

Linear Programing Models

Serendipity The three princes of Serendip wend on a little trip. They could not carry too much weight; more than 300 pounds made them hesitate. 15 cubic feet baggage capacity - that was all. Each lion skin took up one cubic foot. While eight coconuts the same space too. Formulate and solve Serendipity by graphical LP in o

The Differences between Primary and Secondary Research

Please explain the difference between primary research and secondary research. Explain how your proposal on The Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 might be different if you are doing a primary research as opposed to secondary research.

Linear programming

What is the relationship between decision variables and the objective function? What is the difference between an objective function and a constraint? Does the linear programming approach apply the same way in different applications? Explain why or why not using examples.

Linear Programming and Network Modeling: 25 multiple choice questions

See the attached file for tables and formatting. Quiz Business Modeling 1. Consider the constraint X3 + X4 + X5 + X6 + X7 > 27 representing Air Express' Monday worker requirement. Why was a ">" used versus an "="? a. The ">" is needed to accommodate workers held over from Sunday. b. Solver only accepts ">" constraints.

Linear Programming

What does the shadow price reflect in a maximization problem? explain. How do the graphical and computer-based methods of solving LP problems differ? In what ways are they the same? Under what circumstances would you prefer to use the graphical approach? How does sensitivity analysis affect the decision making process? How coul

Must linear programming be used under conditions of certainty?

The production manager of a large Cincinnati manufacturing firm once made the statement, "I would like to use LP, but it's a technique that operates under conditions of certainty. My plant doesn't have that certainty; it's a world of uncertainty. So LP can't be used here." Do you think this statement has any merit? Why or why no

Linear programming

I have the problem formulated and have the sensitivity report in Excel in the attachment. max: 1.3 x1 + 1.09 x2 + 1 x3 + 1.09 x4 + 0.75 x5 + 0.865 x6; x1 >= 10 x2 >= 10 x3 >= 10 x4 >= 10 x5 >= 10 x6 >= 10 -.25x1-.25x2+.75x3+.75x4-.25x5-.25x6<=0 8 x1 + 6 x2 + 7 x3 + 7 x4 + 9 x5 + 9 x6 <= 3000 1 x1 + 1 x2 + 1 x3 + 1 x

Linear Programming for Manufacturing Tractors

The Jane Deere Company manufactures tractors in Provo, Utah. Jeremiah Goldstein, the production planner, is scheduling tractor production for the next three months. Factors that Mr. Goldstein must consider include sales forecasts, straight-time and overtime labor hours available, labor cost, storage capacity, and carrying cost

Linear Programming Model Question

(excel spreadsheet w/ problem attached) The stock brokerage firm of Blank, Leibowitz, and Weinberger has analyzed and recommended two stocks to an investors' club of college professors. The professors were interested in factors such as short-term growth, intermediate growth, and dividend rates. These data on each stock are as

Research Study: Primary & Secondary Research

Please explain in detail: When conducting a Research Study, what are the advantages and disadvantages when using Face-to-Face interview as Primary Research method? What will be my limitations? What are the advantages and disadvantages when using Internet Resources as Secondary Research method? What will be my limitations

Research - Integrating Theory and Research Needs Assessment

Integrating Theory and Research Needs Assessment The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is partnering with the Food and Drug Administration's MedSun Project to improve patient safety by reporting problems with medical devices and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. MedSun grants of $25,000 are available to fund res

Linear Programming for Noble Amazon

Noble Amazon sells books online. Management is trying to determine the best sites for the company's warehouses. Five potential sites are under consideration. Most of the sales come from customers in the United States. The average weekly demand from each region of the country, the average shipping cost from each warehouse site to

Linear Programming for General Wheels Co.

See attached file. The board of directors of General Wheels Co. is considering seven large capital investments. Each investment can be made only once. These investments differ in the estimated long-run profit (net present value) that they will generate as well as in the amount of capital required, as shown by the following ta

Multi-Factor Productivity - Dulac Box Plant

Operations Management The Dulac Box plant produces wooden packaging boxes to be used in the local seafood industry. Current operations allow the company to make 500 boxes per day, in two 8-hour shifts (250 boxes per shift). The company has introduced some moderate changes in equipment, and conducted appropriate job training,

Answer to Business question: Research Methods

Provide a critique of the following questionnaire. Be sure to address how the information might be used, is it useful, or could the information be obtained through another source? Questionnaire INSTRUCTIONS: This questionnaire should be answered by a person involved in the decision process of choosing a nursing home for th

Research Methods:

Outline the following discussion with a clear topic sentence, thesis, and hypothesis. Introduction: The financial service industry mainly deals in the management, investment, transfer and lending of money. In this industry, all the financial services are provided to the organizations for the management of money. Financial i

Linear Programming Model for Delicious Apple Company's Orchards

The Delicious Apple Company has orchards in Red City, Golden, and Macville Estimated amounts of apples to be available from the three orchards are the following: Red City, 15,000 bushels; Golden, 12,000 bushels; and Macville, 9,000 bushels. Apple Products Company wants to buy up to 10,000 bushels, for which it will pay $2.90 a b

Linear Programming Model on a Spreadsheet using Solver

JL Foods is planning to increase its advertising campaign from $1.4 million to $2 million based, in part, in the introduction of a new product. JL Taco Sauce, to accompany its traditional products, JL Ketchup and JL Spaghetti Sauce. In the past, JL Foods promoted its two products individually, splitting its advertising budget eq

Business Research: Linear Programming Model

How do you do this? I do not understand what exactly they are asking us to write. Can you help me with this please and give me some ideas? Linear Programming Model Frank Hurley is a farmer with 250 acres on which he wishes to plant wheat and corn to maximize his expected return for the season. For crop rotation purposes he m