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Operating a Business in Europe: An Analysis

Read the following article and write an analysis focusing on the question below:
•Raman, A.P., Thompson, P.M., Aaker, J.L., Manwani, H., Gift, S., & Kotabe, M. (2003). The global brand face-off. Harvard Business Review, 81(6). (AN 9943706).

For one of the regions discussed in the article, what care must be taken to ensure that there is nothing offensive in "naming" or "packaging" for the cultures and languages of the region?

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I am going to concentrate on the European market and operating a global business in that country. In the article, the author talked about Singh's wish to have a central website which would allow for consumers to purchase customized products online from Espoir and was told "a Web site for European customers must have a different look and feel from the American site." (p. 37) Europe is made up of many languages and regions, unlike North America. Europeans stick to their own way of doing business because of the diversity of cultures. "[Because] Europe is of course made up of many different countries and businesses often have to work in several of them at the same time. This has become a much bigger issue now that the European Union has come into existence. This adds a great deal of complexity and cost to many business transactions in Europe. (www.interparty.com) That makes for many more governmental rules and regulations that must be followed; companies doing business in Europe must be aware and thoughtful to these guidelines.

Sensitivity to the cultures that exist in the country as well as operational policies is essential in order to avoid being offensive and losing credibility for your organization. Raman, Thompson, Aaker, Manwani, Gift and Kotabe (2003) talked about being perceptive and responsive to local issues. That means understanding the cultural norms which necessarily includes building successful relationships with your business partners through appropriate communications. It also ...

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