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SWOT analysis on the Country of Ireland

Please perform a SWOT analysis on the Country of Ireland.

The purpose is our company is planning to expand our operations there, and we need Ireland to be carefully researched and analyzed before we can make this decision.

1. Briefly identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that may affect your global expansion in the country you selected in Unit 1. Prepare a SWOT analysis of the results comparing strengths and opportunities to weaknesses and threats.

2. Based on your research and analysis, what will be your recommendations to your CEO and why?

3. As you perform your SWOT analysis, make sure to identify both internal and external factors that may impact your CEO's business either positively or negatively.

Strengths and weaknesses are usually internal factors (e.g., your product, employment level, operational costs, management, etc.), and opportunities and threats are mostly external factors (e.g., competitions, government regulations, ethical and cultural systems, etc.).

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1. SWOT analysis for doing business in Ireland:


(i) Ease of doing business:
Ireland has an open economy that is nearly wholly dependent upon international investment and trade, and the introduction of products and services into the Irish marketplace is, in fact, uncomplicated. Ireland has been ranked 7 by World Bank among 181 economies in the ease of doing business in the year 2009. Also the country has been ranked 3rd by Index of economic freedom among 157 countries worldwide in the distribution of global economic freedom.
(ii) Most competitive economy in Europe: Ireland has been ranked 2nd most competitive economy in Europe by European Growth and Jobs Monitor 2008.
(iii) Skilled Labor: Ireland is the leading most educated country in the world with over 40% of the population is attending tertiary education. The country has been ranked by World Bank as 38 overall in ...

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