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Macy's Department Store SWOT Analysis

1. Complete a SWOT analysis for the selected organization. (Macy's Department Store or a organization you have facts about.)

2. Analyze and described the organization's strengths and weaknesses.

3. Analyze and provided recommendations on how to address the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

4. Analyze the current opportunities the organization is trying to pursue in its business environment.

5. Analyze and described the threats possibly affecting the success of the organization.

Cite all sources using the APA style.

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Company Overview:

Ladbrokes Plc is one among the leading organizations found within the global betting and gaming industry within its main operations in the United Kingdom. The organization has its headquarters in Harrow with an approximate number of 15, 600 employees. During the financial year that ended in 2009, the organization recorded total revenue of 1,032.2 million pounds which marked a 10.3 % decrease from the financial year than ended in 2008. It was later reviewed that the marked decline was as a result of the changes in the weather conditions in the UK which resulted to the postponement of football matches and horse races. The costs of operation for the organization also marked a 32.1% decrease in the year 2009 which was recorded as 219.2 million pounds (DATAMONITOR: Ladbrokes plc, 2010).

Complete SWOT Analysis for Ladbrokes Plc

The organization has a strong market position since it operates in over six countries such as in Belgium, the UK, Ireland, and Spain regions. The various strengths of Ladbroke Plc organization include; strong brand image, wide business presence which is available online and supported by a strong technology. The main weakness facing the organization is the fact that the organization's weak financial performance limits the financial stability of the organization. The main opportunities that the organization is faced with are the fact that there has been an experienced growth within the gaming ...

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Macy`s department store SWOT analysis are examined.