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Terrorism and Operations Research

Terrorist threats have become increasingly common. The government as well as all types of organizations in many industries are using programs for assessing these threats, providing countermeasures, and communicating with those affected.

What level of activity do you see in your organization or by your government representatives? How effective do you feel these actions are? What else should be done?

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This affects mainly the larger organizations where proprietary data is involved. In the times of today, people want to get ahead and they are oftentimes willing to go to extremes in order to do so. This is one of the main causes for terrorism. Group A believes that they should have rights to control, whether it's a country, people, or data. This leads to acts of terrorism that can be mild or extreme. Many companies have responded by hiring full-time terrorism experts. Apple realizes that they are involved in ...

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This solution discusses terrorism from an operations research standpoint. The methods used by many larger organizations, the actions of government representatives, and what should be done are also discussed.