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    IRA Terrorism Structure System and signficance.

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    IRA Terrorism Structure System:
    Discuss ways that these specific terrorist cells operate and how they can go undetected by law enforcement.
    What strategies are used to detect terrorist cell surveillance operations, material purchases, and funding?

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    IRA Terrorism Structure System

    The structure of the IRA was militarized to facilitate the appearance of a legitimate fighting force with a hierarchical base that promoted unity. This structure was instrumental in the raising of funds and conducting of operations and training. Their structure changed as a result of law enforcement and the army targeting the structure through the use of infiltration of the group. Eventually they restructured into small specific cells in an attempt to circumvent police efforts (Tracking Terrorism, 2012).

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    This solution analyzes the system of the IRA discussing the importance of this system in the operational system of the IRA. How the structure impacts different facets of the IRA to evade detection by law enforcement is highlighted.