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Trends and Patterns of Terrorism

What are the principle patterns in terrorism?

We know where it has been, where is it going?

Need sources that accompany information.

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Patterns of Terrorism

Terrorism are those acts of violence undertaken by a person or a group to induce terror and fear on a target group of community, nation or society for a religious, political and ideological motive. By inciting fear, terrorists hope to take society hostage and move towards a particular set of action (i.e. withdrawal from a territory). There is different kind of terrorism - we have state-sponsored terrorism where certain states sponsor groups to terrorize another. Consider for example Iran - they are said to be state sponsors of groups like Hezbollah and, when the Taleban was in power in Afghanistan, they were the sponsors of Al Qaeda. In these cases the motivation is religion and ideology but most religion wherein faith has been used to radicalize members of the terror group, most especially their 'suicide bombers' ...

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