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Customer Purchase Behavior

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Suppose a retail firm is interested in studying the effect of lighting on customer purchase behavior.
- What information would be relevant to the proposed study.
- How might this type of information contribute to a business success?
- Give 2 examples of businesses that have used this type of information.

- What advantages does a decision support system have for small business like the Harvard Cooperative Society?
- How would the decision support system of a small business like the Harvard Cooperative Society differ from that of a major corporation?
- At what points might the Harvard Cooperative Society use a decision support system and why?

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This response discusses what information would be relevant to study the effect of lighting on customer purchase behavior. Further it is discussed, advantages that a decision support system have for a small business like the Harvard Cooperative Society.

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Information Needed to Study the Effect of Lighting on Customer Purchase Behavior
In order to study the effect of lighting on consumer purchase behavior, different types of information would be relevant for a retail firm. In this concern, the information that shows frequently purchased consumer items, the family records, type of product, the brand name, purchase price, place, and type of store, package size and weight, repeat purchase, customer loyalty, etc. would be relevant (East, Wright and Vanhuele, 2008). In addition, the information that presents the impact of different environmental factors such as store environment, individual and family factors on consumer purchase behavior would also be relevant. Beside all these information, the data that shows the reasons why consumers move to competitors and measurement of customer satisfaction would also be relevant for the retail firm.

Contribution of Information to a business success

This type of information might contribute in the success of a business in several ways. It is because through this information, a business can build appropriate corporate and marketing strategies on the basis of knowledge of customer and the predication of customer behaviors that can be helpful in improving business efficiency and attaining income growth (Khosrowpour, 2005). This information can also be beneficial to address different business issues such as poor customer services, lack of customer insight, ineffective management and integration of product channels. Furthermore, all these ...

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