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Johnson & Johnson Entry into Mexico

I am working on a project for my business class. We had to pick a Fortune 500 company which I will be representing. I have picked Johnson and Johnson. Than the professor has assigned me with two countries (Mexico and Turkey) to research and analyze in order to make comparisons regarding business, government and society relationships in these two countries and how the country I have chosen would fit in. The country I chose is Mexico.
Johnson and Johnson company wants to market their product in Mexico. In terms of demographics, gdp, inflation and per capital income, why Mexico would be good for this (in comparison to the US)
I am lost in this; I don't know where to start. Any guides and ideas would help? How do I start this paper? (Remember, I only have to write comparisons in demographics, gdp, inflation and per capital income)

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Compare a few facts. The GDP growth rate in Mexico is 3.9% which is higher than the GDP growth rate in US. The inflation rate is 3.6% which is higher than the US inflation rate; the unemployment level is 5% which is also better than the US ...

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Johnson & Johnson's expansion into Mexico is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes the references used.