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Industries affected by obesity

Our elected leadership has declared obesity to be a national problem, worthy of government attention and funding. Let's suppose that your consulting firm has been asked to identify all the benefits, other than health, that could be realized if Americans no longer suffered from nationwide obesity. Keep in mind that you are not identifying health issues as they have been well documented. Your task is to identify industries that are either adversely or positively affected by obesity.

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One industry that is positively affected by obesity is the food processing industry. A large number of processed foods are now sold as low-fat, light, lean, diet, zero calorie, sugar-free, low-calorie, and healthy food. The food processing is related to several large companies which are most profitable in the world. These companies own the brands that are used to market these "healthy" foods. Some of the firms that have made money through these foods include Weight Watchers, and Slimfast.

The industry that is also negatively affected by obesity is the ...

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