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Positioning of products and services

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Describe how to position products and services compared to the competition. Discuss the implications of the societal marketing concept.

1-Given the trend in obesity among American consumers, which industries stand to benefit the most? Why?
2-How would you use the information on whom Americans trust for marketing purposes?
3-How can marketers use information on the leisure-time activities of Americans?

Please provide sources.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the positioning of the products and services compared to the competition. We will also write about the implications of the societal marketing concept. The analysis will be done on the basis of the trend in the obesity among American consumers. The discussion will focus on the information from the Americans, who trust for marketing purposes and the way marketers can use information on the leisure time activities of Americans.//

The food and beverages industry as well as retail industry have derived benefit from the given trend in obesity among American consumers. Under the societal marketing concept, the organizations are required to equilibrate the company's benefits with the needs and requirements of customers as well as the concerns of the society. The consumers ...

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