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    Environmental Factors and Obesity

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    Obesity is a major health issue in the Unites States. What environmental factors do you believe have contributed to obesity? What health concerns can result from obesity? How can advocates, policy makers, and others get individuals to adopt more healthy habits that could prevent obesity and health problems that stem from it? What commercial factors contribute to obesity and should the government be able to rule what private businesses and corporations do in this area?

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    Brehm & D'Alessio (2010), state that obesity is due to a combination of genetics and the environment. They state that Americans live in an environment that 'facilitates high food intake and low energy expenditure (Brehm & D'Alessio 2010). The increase of technology, automation, motorized transportation and sedentary occupations are major contributors to inactive lifestyles. This combination has also been identified as a major contributor to obesity by the National Health Institutes (NIH 1998). High calorie consumption is promoted by food service outlets and supermarkets and socio-cultural traditions while sedentary lifestyles are a result of sit down jobs and a prevalence of home computers and television viewing. Traffic congestion also adds to this problem (NIH 1998). In other words, for many Americans, the daily routine requires little more than sitting - at work, at home and in traffic.

    The health concerns associated with obesity include hypertension, stroke, heart disease, certain cancers, e.g. endometrial, breast, prostate and colon cancers, type 2 ...

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    The environmental factors and obesity is examined.