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Operations Research

Operations and Value Creation for a womens' garment store

Paper regarding a mock womens' garment store in Poinciana, Fl. The paper should address the following areas: The first part involves discussing the daily operations of the women garment store. If you are in a production environment, please provide detailed instructions on how you plan to manufacture your product. I

Research Methodology: Management Opportunities

A group member works at a local pharmacy and would like to address or propose for an (Onsite Childcare to avoid employee distractions within the company). After deciding that this is a management opportunity, how would I make a proposal to prospective research organization from a management point of view?


In 2-5 pages only with a solid rephrasing of the research with your own, write a discussion/essay about the heavy and outsized cargo challenges the industry is facing locally and globally? Also, discuss a typical day of a senior executive air cargo operations globally, from a stand point of operations to maintaining the geo-p

Important information about Research Methodology

Finalize the research methodology you will employ in the following: Gathering and using the most helpful quality web and other written resources for researching and carrying out the project, especially from industry sources. Collecting and recording all data needed for the project, particular attention needs to be paid t

Linear programming model

I need a push with this problem. What is the best solution to represent the linear model for this problem. Can you please help with how the change in hours required for the job completion will change the solution. If you can point me in the right direction it will be greatly appreciated!! Business analysis: A market research

Visual Basic is specialized for development of Windows applications. VB is an event driven programming language that was originally released in 1991 with degrees of similarity to Microsoft's QuickBASIC. VB rose to popularity among developers in the mid-1990s due to its visual user interface development tools. Visual Basic is a component ofVisual Studio.NET (Exforsys, 2000).

Visual Basic is specialized for development of Windows applications. VB is an event driven programming language that was originally released in 1991 with degrees of similarity to Microsoft's QuickBASIC. VB rose to popularity among developers in the mid-1990s due to its visual user interface development tools. Visual Basic is a c

Business research

You can select communication, finance, economics, marketing, technology, or another faculty approved topic for the research study. ? Write a synopsis of the article, including the following: ? Define the business research and its purpose. ? Explain the business problems under investigation. ? Describe the data collection

Financial reporting

1) Given the following linear programming problem: maximize 4x1 + 3x2 subject to 4x1 + 3x2 ≤ 23 5x1 - x2 ≤ 5 x1, x2 ≥ 0 What is the value of X1 in the final tableau?

Formulate a linear programming model - Lawns Unlimited

For the following problem, solve the linear programming model by using the computer. You can use either QM for Windows or Solver (in Excel) to solve this problem. Problem # 1 Lawns Unlimited is a lawn care and maintenance company. One of its services is to seed new lawns as well as bare or damaged areas in established lawn

Case Study:

Provide help with the case study attached. Please provide me with the detail solutions and comment because it is a case study.

Constraints in Linear Programming

Scenario: A small furniture manufacturer produces tables and chairs. Each product must go through three stages of the manufacturing process - assembly, finishing, and inspection. Each table requires 3 hours of assembly, 2 hours of finishing, and 1 hour of inspection. Each chair requires 2 hours of assembly, 2 hours of finishing,

Timothy Kent Designers Linear Programming Objective Function

Each coffee table produced by Timothy Kent Designers nets the firm a profit of $9. Each bookcase yields a $12 profit. Kent's firm is small and its resources limited. During any given production period (of 1 week), 10 gallons of varnish and 12 length of high quality redwood are available. Each coffee table requires approximately

Linear Programming- Thompson Distributors

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Thanks!! ---------- Thompson distributors packages and distributes industrial supplies. A standard shipment can be packaged in a class A container, a class K container, or a class T container. A single class A container yields a profit of $6; a class K container, a profit of

Linear Programming Constraints and Binding

A fertilizer manufacturer has to fill supply contracts to its two main customers (650 tons to customer A and 800 tons to customer B). It can meet this demand by shipping existing inventory from any of its three warehouses. Warehouse 1 (W1) has 400 tons of inventory on hand, Warehouse 2(W2) and Warehouse 3 (W3) has 600 tons. The

Foundations of Research

1.What is the appropriate research method to use for a customer satisfaction? 2.As a manager, you have prepared a presentation to give to your supervisor that summarizes a research project on customer satisfaction. As you begin the presentation, you notice that there are customers seated in the briefing room. Is there a diff

Linear Programming Model for WeHaul Trucking

WeHaul Trucking is planning its truck purchases for the coming year. It allocated $600,000 for the purchase of additional trucks, of which three sizes are available. A large truck costs $150,000 and will return the equivalent of $15,000 per year to profit. A medium-sized truck costs $90,000 and will return the equivalent of $12,

Linear programming model

Linear programming Items X1 X2 Profit per Item 3 6 Resource constraints Available Usage Left over 1 7 3 40 0 40 Output X1= 0 X2= 0 Z= 0 Solve the following linear programming model by using the computer Minimi

Friendly Family apple products: linear programming model

On their farm, the Friendly family grows apples that they harvest each fall and make into three products-apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly. They sell these three items at several local grocery stores, at craft fairs in the region, and at their own Friendly Farm Pumpkin Festival for 2 weeks in October. Their three primary

Wal-Mart: Solution-Oriented Decision Models

Select a real company (not a retailer). Identify 4 decisions that the company makes at different levels of the organization. Describe the policies, procedures and decision-making tools that might be used to make each of the four decisions. In each case, explain why the decision-making methodology would be appropriate to this spe

Solution-Oriented Decision Models

Explain how the rate of change in the business environment affects the need to make and re-evaluate decisions. What are the consequences of not re-evaluating decisions frequently? Give an example of a business that failed to re-evaluate previous decisions, and the consequences it suffered as a result. 2 pages

Solution-Oriented Decision Models: criteria for a good or bad decision

What constitutes a "good" decision? Give an example of a specific business decision, and explain the criteria that might be used to determine whether it is a "good" decision or a "bad" decision. Suppose that a business decision has a bad outcome. Explain two possible justifications for saying that you would make the same

The Glory Days of 75% Yields

Question: The Glory Days of 75% Yields What happened to those glory days of 75% yields? Give your views or findings on why consumers no longer tolerate 75% yields.