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Introductory stage and the 4 P's

There are well-defined stages in every product development life cycle. my product is ( ( Soap ) at the "introductory" stage. What are some of the implications of this stage for the decisions I must make about each of the 4Ps when designing a strategic marketing campaign? Provide rationale for your answers. Give examples of real products in your answer.

Present your analysis as a 2-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style.

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Introductory stages are important and difficult because a new product is most likely already in competition with established products. Also, the product is not yet proven its value or long term benefits. in most cases, the product is new, an innovation of an established product, or a change in an older product. People do not know it, the benefits, the outcomes, or the probability it does what the company says it does. A company is literally asking for faith from people to buy it.

Pricing then becomes an important point. Do you want to establish ...

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A brief introduction on how the introductory stage handles the four P's of marketing.