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Changes in the Industry Often Leads to Discontinuation of Products

1. If there is high speed of change in an industry, which results to a low level of visibility of the future, the outcome will further result to major discontinuities which will impact on the firm historical success strategy. Discuss this concept using the five level turbulence scales? To be realistic, you may use real world company example to illustrate your response.

Key points:
strategic diagnosis
marketing branding
High speed-high competition
low level of visibility, level turbulence scale 1-3 is visibility and history.

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Strategic Diagnosis

Syd Field, who is best known for his massive attributions and mastery of all things having to do with the art and science of screenwriting once stated that screenwriting is about finding what works and discarding what doesn't. In my opinion, most organizations follow this same philosophy. I will use Pizza Hut as an example. Organizations tend to implement products in the market place as a trial and error process. They would launch a new product, in the case of Pizza Hut, they will add a product to their menu and determine whether or not to continue offering the products to customers, which is sole dependent upon consumer response to the product. For example, Pizza Hut has incorporated the Tuscani pasta dish. Initially the dishes consisted of three flavors, such as the meaty marinara, creamy chicken alfredo, and the lasagna. Apparently, consumers favored the meaty marinara and chicken alfredo over the lasagna, thus causing Pizza Hut to strategically remove the low performing product from the menu. KFC utilized the same method for their menu, when they discontinued baked beans and the honey barbecue wings. In some cases ...

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This problem solution is a brief assessment of the competitive marketplace with the focus on organizations that implement products that are discontinued as a result of a saturated competition or other environmental deterrents. Products with low visibility are the products that are discontinued. Companies are at a significant disadvantage when they are unable to compete in an increasingly rapid marketplace. I discuss the closure of brick and mortar stores and how technology is the predominant factor of organizational closures.