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Operations Research

Social Movements, Women, and Vietnam

1. What were the poitical outcomes of the end of the war in Vietnam. 2. What is the status of women, and how were women affected by the changes brought about during the 1960s.

Industries Affected by Obesity

Our elected leadership has declared obesity to be a national problem, worthy of government attention and funding. Let's suppose that your consulting firm has been asked to identify all the benefits, other than health, that could be realized if Americans no longer suffered from nationwide obesity. Keep in mind that you are not id

Research Topic

Textbook: Salkind, N. J. (2009). Exploring research (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. RESEARCH PROPOSAL TOPIC: 5 days - 12 credits Select and present a researchable topic for a research proposal. Complete exercises 1-9 on page 76 in the text to help you select a topic. Then, number 10 should be the topic an

Business Structures

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship? 2. What is the difference between a general partnership and a limited partnership? Which of these two business structures would you choose for the new business you are starting with four partners? Why did you choose this type of partnership? 3. What is a C

Five areas of Corporate Social Responsibility

Describe the five areas of CSR that you would deem important to change in any organization in order to create an emerging paradigm with regard to social responsibility. Why did you select these five elements? Provide examples and research to support your thinking

Multinational Corporations Expanding into Japan

Read the following article and write an analysis focusing on the question below: •Czinkota, M.R., & Kotabe, M. (1999). Bypassing barriers to marketing in Japan. Marketing Management, 8(4). (AN 2795277). How might MNCs structure their market entry strategies to penetrate and expand in the Japanese market?

Brief Discussion of Theory in Research

This solution offers a brief discussion of the use of theory in research. It discusses how theory can impact or influence the choice of quantitative or qualitative methods of inquiry.

Powerpoint on bottlenecks and theory of constraints

Assume that you have been selected by your executives to teach your fellow managers about Bottlenecks and the Theory of Constraints. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation on this subject for a 45 minute slot at the Manager's Kickoff meeting in January. Include speaker notes for each slide, as the HR manager wants to use this presen

Linear Programming

Applichem wants to allocate the capacity of its worldwide manufacturing plants to fulfill its customer demand. Applichem makes a product, R, which is used by plastic molding companies around the world. R sells for $1/lb. Its plants are located in Gary, Indiana, Windsor, Ontario, Frankfurt, Germany, Mexico City, Caracus, Venezu

Pakistan: Multinational Companies

Read the following article and write an analysis focusing on the question below: •Khan, O.J., & Amine, L.S. (2004), New international business perspectives on Pakistan. Thunderbird International Business Review, 46(5). (AN 14406651). According to the article, the Musharraf government in Pakistan has firmly backed free mark

Terrorism and Operations Research

Terrorist threats have become increasingly common. The government as well as all types of organizations in many industries are using programs for assessing these threats, providing countermeasures, and communicating with those affected. What level of activity do you see in your organization or by your government representativ

Institutional security deterrents

What are some examples of security deterrents in these two cases and how effective are they? Is there a cost-benefit tradeoff? Though some aspects of institutional security are shared with commercial, retail, and event security, there are some definite differences. Institutional security typically refers to security measures

Article Analysis

Read the following article and write an analysis focusing on the question below: •Raman, A.P., Thompson, P.M., Aaker, J.L., Manwani, H., Gift, S., & Kotabe, M. (2003). The global brand face-off. Harvard Business Review, 81(6). (AN 9943706). For one of the regions discussed in the article, what care must be taken to ensure

Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium Point

Equilibration is the process of moving between two equilibrium points as a result of some change in supply or demand. Understanding how market equilibrium is sought following such a change is essential for business managers. It is important to understand how economic principles, and specifically supply, demand, and their determ

Introductory stage and the 4 P's

There are well-defined stages in every product development life cycle. my product is ( ( Soap ) at the "introductory" stage. What are some of the implications of this stage for the decisions I must make about each of the 4Ps when designing a strategic marketing campaign? Provide rationale for your answers. Give examples of real

Discussion Questions

Respond to the following question. Provide rationale and examples to support your answers. Multinational and global markets may be segmented along geographic, demographic, economic, technological, or cultural lines. Select one market segment and discuss which strategic planning considerations are necessary to address multinat

Market analysis of Egypt

Conduct a market analysis, also known as market intelligence, about Egypt in north Africa . There are three main components of market analysis or intelligence: 1. Analysis of the customer and consumer needs 2. Analysis of the competitive environment 3.Analysis of the overall environment, including economical, political, te

Culture And Multinational Negotiations

Provide rationale and examples to support your answers. 1. Culture has been referred to as the "silent language of overseas business." Discuss how the languages of time, space, things, friendship, and agreements influence negotiating styles in multinational and global markets. 2. Within the last decade, the European Union (E

Harvard citation style

Use the Harvard citation style guidelines at to identify and correct errors (i.e. violations of the Harvard style). Note: In total there are 20 errors in the extract; 7 in the text and 13 in the References list. EXTRACT: Levitt discusses the need for, and potential benefits of, the industrialization of service. He desc

Calculate the forecasted demand for May.

The following table shows the demand for an important item for months January through April. You decided to use the exponential smoothing with alpha= 0.3 and the forecast for January was 52. What is the forecasted demand for May? Month Demand January 55 February 52 March 56 April 64

Calculate the minimum number of machines needed to meet demand.

The King Company is producing two types of products: A and B. Both products are produced on the same machining operation. The machines operate on two 8-hour shifts, 5 days per week, and 50 weeks per year. The manager wants to maintain a 20 percent capacity cushion. The demand forecast, batch sizes, processing times, and setup ti

Material Requirements Planning - Step by Step

Q: FireKing Office Products, a manufacturer of fireproof file cabinets, uses MRP to schedule its production. Demand and inventory data for its "Signature Series Files" model are given in the table below. Period 1 2 3 4 5 Demand 20 40 30 10 45 Ordering Cost = $100 per order Holding Cost = $1 per file cabinet per week Le

Changes in the Industry Often Leads to Discontinuation of Products

1. If there is high speed of change in an industry, which results to a low level of visibility of the future, the outcome will further result to major discontinuities which will impact on the firm historical success strategy. Discuss this concept using the five level turbulence scales? To be realistic, you may use real world com

University Analysis Case Study

Read the attached case study "Southwestern University" and answer the questions following it. This should primarily be in your own words. If you paraphrase or quote words or ideas from other resources, please cite your sources using APA format. ----- Southwestern University: With the rising demands of a successful