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Synopsis of Hawaii's Race to the Top Grant

Need a synopsis for the article below:

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The Race to the Top grant is a $75 million grant that is part of a state and federal effort to transform Hawaii's school system into one of the most improved from one of the nation's worst.

The state had issues a couple years ago and almost lost the grant due to poor execution of the plan.

Hawaii has a single state-run school district of 185,000 students with 255 schools total. Many of the schools are in remote locations in extremely rural areas.

Hawaii shares the same challenges of other states in the Race to the Top grant due to poor urban centers and isolated communities in rural areas.

Hawaii has made improvements to the Common Core State Standards, has developed a new data-driven culture amongst their educators, and posted ...

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This solution gives a synopsis of an article on the grant called "Race to the Top" which Hawaii was awarded in order to improve their school system.